What age is T Ball for?

T Ball is a fun, non competitive introduction to baseball and softball.  The typical ages are 4-7.

When and where to the games and practices take place?

T Ball takes place on Friday evenings at 5:45pm. Because this is just an introduction to team sports, there is no practice.  All games take place on the field behind Squantum Elementary (50 Huckins Avenue)

When does the season start?

​The season starts the Friday after April vacation and runs for 8 weeks.  In addition to the eight games, there is our field event. During field day all participates receive their medals and enjoy food with family and friends.   Please see our schedule for exact dates. 

How much does T Ball cost?

​The price for T Ball is $50 per child.  Each additional family member is $25.  If you cannot afford to pay, please contact us.  We will never turn a child away because of the inability to pay.  Coaches and assistant coaches do not have to pay for their children to participate.

Where does our money go?

The money collected for T Ball is used to pay for a variety of things.    

  • Equipment
  • Outfitting teams 
  • Trophies 
  • Field Day Food & Activities
  • Administration fees such as website hosting and incorporation fees.  

How can I help?

Volunteering to be an assistant coach is a great way to help. Paying to outfit a team is a great way to advertise your small business 

​Why is there no baseball & Softball?

Squantum Youth Sports has not had a baseball league the past few years because of the low number of youth participating.  If you would like to see this change, please contact us.  Softball has made the decision to spilt from Squantum Youth Sports and become its own league.